Having Indomie on your birthday?

When news of an Indomie themed cafe opening here in Malaysia first spread, let me tell you the hype surrounding it was off the roof: People were talking about it all over. Sure we can make our own Indomie at home, but do you spare the effort to pair it up with chicken, steak or [...]


Walking the streets of Chinatown @ Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

Never was that interested in exploring the "infamous" Chinatown in Malaysia but as fate would have it, I stumbled upon it one day after my short internship nearby. Oh, why is it infamous you ask? Follow me, and ye shall see. Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur Walking past the great gateway, you are instantly greeted with [...]

Eating at HD Bistro @ Sunway Geo Avenue

I will forever be grateful that food courts are an integral part of Malaysian culture. Everyone knows that living in somewhere like Kuala Lumpur can be pricey. With food courts, you get a wide variety of food to choose from while paying a (relatively) cheap price. So today, I'd like to introduce you to this [...]

Food review: The Brew House @ Sunway Pyramid

As its name suggests, The Brew House is a pub-ish eatery: Whether you're here for a meal or a quick pint, The Brew House has it all! Never being a fan of alcohol, I opted instead to try their food recently. The Brew House @ Sunway Pyramid Booming business AMBIENCE This place was jam packed! [...]

Which convenience store has the best buns?

Update: Just found out that KK Mart has added their own buns to its repertoire, so this article has been edited to include that to the review! *** Rushing work and deadlines often mean grabbing something quick and convenient for lunch: Sound familiar? The convenience stores in Malaysia, in this case 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and myNEWS.com [...]

Salted egg Indomie: The next big thing?

Salted egg: An obsession in Asia where people flock to buy anything and everything salted egg related. From salted egg fish skin to salted egg cookies, 7-Eleven going so far as to introduce the salted egg ice cream. Indomie: An international sensation, many claim this to be one of the best instant noodle brands out [...]

How spicy is the 3x spicy ayam goreng from McDonald’s, Malaysia?

The internet seems obsessed with food challenges involving spicy food nowadays. There's the "One Chip Challenge" where contestants finish a single chip smeared with Carolina Reaper- the world's hottest pepper, and another noticeable one would be the Samyang 2x spicy noodle challenge, where contestants try to finish the infamous spicy Korean noodles without sipping any [...]

The Manhattan Fish Market Review @ Mid Valley Megamall

After walking past The Manhattan Fish Market so many times, with its numerous establishments all over Malaysia, this is the first time that I'm actually setting foot into this fish and chips establishment. First time trying 😀 AMBIENCE Looking at the menu, there were quite a variety of dishes to choose from: From seafood to [...]

Review of VeryThai Mookata Street Food @ Sunway Geo Avenue

Who doesn't love Thai food? If you don't then sorry, we can't be friends anymore 😦 But jokes aside, VeryThai Mookata & Street Food is one of the few Thai food places that I noticed in Sunway Geo Avenue so of course, it would be on my list of "must-try" food here. AMBIENCE Bad lighting, [...]

Review of Village Park Nasi Lemak @ Damansara Utama

Village Park Nasi Lemak is probably one of the most famous nasi lemaks in Malaysia. In fact, its status is such that when you find that one friend from Malaysia that hasn't tried it before, the rest of the group would probably feign shock and drag said friend to try it out. Numerous mentions on [...]

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